Management Systems

We help to build up your management system compliant with the current standards for environment (EMAS, ISO 14001), quality (ISO 9001) and health and safety (SCC, OHSAS).

We have long experience with management systems in different kind of organizations, from energy utilities to hospitals, from furniture industry to major banks, from ten to 1.000 employees, from production and service sector.

For building up and controlling your management system we have developed the comprehensive software "EcoControl" which we are using in our projects.

Environmental management systems

Environmental management means first of all not only occasionally but continuously working on the improvement of your environmental performance. And to record your activities in a way that you can proof your performance. Another goal of a good environmental management system (EMS) is to cover the entire organization and not only certain departments.

This works out only if your staff is not just obliged to fill in forms and to observe instructions but also understand, why they should to so and what the benefits for themselves and their daily work are.

An EMS can be a very good instrument for an organization taking its environmental responsibility seriously. Otherwise the considerable investment may not be justifiable.

From our experience these considerations should be taken into account before starting an EMS project. That allows you to direct the whole undertaking into a successful direction. Additionally the project design is largely determined by the requirements resulting from EMAS and ISO 14001.

Project flow

  • Project planning
  • Environmental review (determination of environmental aspects)
  • Environmental policy
  • Environmental program (objectives, targets, measures)
  • Legal requirements
  • Organizational structure (roles and responsibilities
  • Operational control (for all relevant operations and activities)
  • Documentation
  • Environmental declaration (report)
  • Internal Audit
  • Management review
  • Validation / Certification

ETA Methodology

From our experience out of numerous consulting projects we have developed an effective methodology to advise and support you best during the design and implementation of your environmental management system.

Training workshops

We conduct several workshops aiming at providing the necessary knowledge and skills for the coming project phase, discussing contents and results of agreed tasks and controlling the course of the project, work progress and internal information.

The workshops are also an important forum for cross-divisional communication and co-operation.

Ongoing support

Naturally we support your project team also between the workshops. We advise you in technical, organisational and methodological questions onsite during visits of our consultants or over the phone.

Environmental management system documents

Written documents are a key characteristic of EMS. We focus on simple documents, easy to understand, using pictures for a supporting visual language.

We do not sell run-of-the-mill documents but develop a form which is suiting you best: on paper or in electronic form, independent or integrated into another already existing management system.

EcoControl - Control your management system

To secure that the management system is operational and used in every day business it needs appropriate tools. Our software "EcoControl" comprises all relevant elements of an EMS and guarantees an efficient and effective operation.

Project management

The project management should be the task of an internal project leader preferably the future environmental manager. Our role is to support project planning and the ongoing project controlling.





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