THE software to control your management system!
ISO 14001 - ISO 9001 - OHSAS 18001

EcoControl is the only integrated system which allows you to perform all tasks related to your enviromental/quality/safety management system.

Why EcoControl?

  • EcoControl is specially designed for the analysis, implementation, control, auditing and review von of certified management systems.
  • Cross-Linking all necessary tools and features for your management system into one platform.
  • Saving costs and makes continuous improvement easy to handle through effective data, document and project management.
  • Customizing the system: Choose the tools you need know. Add more modules later on if needed.
  • Reduces paper work: Records are administrated and filed electronically in EcoControl.
  • More than ten years of experience in consulting and certification are build into EcoControl.
  • SQL server, multitenancy

EcoControl Modules

  • Improvement options and ideas
    (electronic suggestion scheme)
  • Measures
  • Improvement programme
  • Tasks (incl. legal register)
  • Non-conformities (incl. corrective and preventive measures)
  • Audits and analysis (e.g. process checks, environmental reviews, FMEA)
  • Environmental controlling (input-/output data and indicators)
  • Trainings
  • Documentation (e.g. procedures, instructions, checklists)
  • Open tasks (maintaining all open tasks from all modules and distribution through

EcoControl customers

  • Austrian National Bank
  • SIMEA Siemens AG
  • SEZ AG
  • Salzburg AG - power plant
  • Austrian Aerospace GmbH.
  • Boxmark Leather GmbH. & Co KG
  • Laundry and Cleaning Services
    Vienna Hospital Association
  • Hospital Mürzzuschlag
  • Gottfried von Preyer'sches childrens hospital
  • Theater in der Josefstadt
  • BNV Bolsa Nacional de Valores, Costa Rica
  • Pinturas SUR, Costa Rica
  • Resintech, Costa Rica





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