Sustainability starts in your head

Sustainable development is not only a task for specialists, it needs the participation and commitment of all employees in order to be successful.

The key to that is education and training.

Understand interrelations, discover the benefits, develop competence, capacity and skills, act independently - that is the focus of ETA's training philosophy.


For public seminars in Austria please refer to the German website.
For company specific trainings please contact us.

CARE training programme

The CARE training programme (Continuous Action for Responsible Ecomanagement) is suitable for organisations wanting to secure broad participation in their environmental activities. CARE consists out of a work book (for all participants), three videos for the three training parts and a detailed trainer manual. The manual allows internal trainers to perform the seminars.

CARE is available in different languages. Several thousand people have been trained so far using the CARE programme.

Please contact us for more information.




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